vib_solutionsMany of our customers and friends have asked us the question: What does VIB mean. VIB originates from Very Important Business, and the word “solutions” completes the phrase: Very important business solutions. Now as you might be asking yourself: yes, but why this name? How did you come up with something irrelevant like this? Why not something more fancy, more intelligent, even more website oriented name? Well, fellows, the answer is simple – we would like to be from those 3 letters companies, like IBM, BMW – which also have meaningless names although quite big and reliable. Another example: What does “Google” mean? It means nothing, but it entered the dictionary as a verb: “Did you google that?” I hope we will get there soon where people will say “Did you VIB this website?” where the meaning is still not clear, even to me.

- Curious or not.
To answer the curious question of competitors, i.e. how big we are and how expanded we are, I’d like to give a small cut of what VIB as a company is. VIB Solutions ltd is incorporated in 2006 with the preach of its 3 owners loading a huge deed in their financial situation. With a lot of sweat, they managed to extend the company to a mid-size one, whereas it’s not to forget the pain of extending the company and its offices to 2 more locations in Europe and 1 in USA.

- The others. 
Going through the history of some other web development companies you would notice that we are almost all at the same stage – offering almost the same things. One of the main questions is how to distinguish which one is better than the others. Well, it’s pretty easy – you can’t. The company itself is not making your website, it’s the people, the team of web designers, web developers, copy writers and etc. that are standing behind each good (or bad) website that’s online.

- Notes
Once, with a friend of mine, we spoke of what kinds of customers are ordering normally a website. The outcome of that conversation was that most of the people ordering a website are the companies, which don’t matter if they sell, produce or buy things, are representing their identity and presence on the Internet via their new (sometimes old) website. Sometimes, there is this middle-age managing director of those companies that understands nothing about web and sends his secretary to all the negotiations with our project manager, i.e. their future Internet presence depends on the mood of a secretary that usually gives the wrong message to the development team. So, Dear customers – do not send the secretaries to these important meetings, better send your pet – the website will look better afterwards.

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