The best way to optimize a form is to have 3 fields: email, name and phone number. According to a research made by VIB Solutions on “what’s the best way to optimize my website”, the best would be to use as less as possible fields when optimizing your contact form or user-login form.

The research outcome is: The more fields we put on a page and the more complicated the form is, the more people navigate out of it. People don’t like big forms and they don’t like where there’s a lot of text to read. If you need to explain a field, try to do with 1 sentence and put a link ‘read more’.

Here are some good advices to form-makers or website owners:

- Put as less as possible fields.
- Don’t use alerts for mistakes or form-validations, but use jQuery dialog-boxes. People don’t like alerts.
- Make sure your back button works on 100%. If people want to edit their information, they will use the back button on their browser and not the edit button on your page. It’s a habit.
- Try to keep links out of the form and the text. Use a “related link” box or put them out of the page. People get annoyed when there’s a lot of blue links which destructs their attention.

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