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The keywords in the title are the most important for SEO?

The keywords in the title are the most important thing for Google and Bing. Lately, it was explained from Microsoft that they have patented a new algorithm for searching and ranking websites, which ranks sites according to their relevance in the domain name. That’s not new, but they explain it very deeply and they mention [...]

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SEOptimized and still down in the list?

Optimization is a tough job, especially if it’s in English and if it’s with keywords like ‘job’, ‘web’, etc. What do we do? How do we optimize that better?
We all know the minimum optimization requirements: Highlighting, linking, source optimization, Meta tags, keywords, submissions and tools like: blogs, RSS, newsletters, forums, media and so on. They [...]

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Making calls for free?

Socializing is not only about posting some items in Facebook, Twitter, etc, but also actually speaking with somebody, talking to somebody. As we all heard about the Facebook announcements for “talking to your Facebook friends” feature that they will be implementing, I can share some interesting things that most people didn’t even hear about.
Skype was [...]

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Social Media and Google

Achieving good Google ranking nowadays seem not to be an easy task, especially after the future launch of the Google caffeine method (see The Social Media will allow us to better do our Search Engine Optimization, score better results and disallow any fake businesses out there, flooding the Internet.
The Social Media marketing is tough, [...]

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Viral video clips

In recent times video clips are one of the most important marketing strategies that exist on the web space. Believe it or not, most of the big companies are spending a fortune to develop just one small video clip that people will distribute amongst themselves. Sharing a video with friends is what actually the term [...]

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