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Search engine optimizations of web shops

There are some methods we need to follow for a good online shop optimization for Bing and Google. It’s definitely not easy to be an affiliate shop, nor a producer one, especially without any marketing investment cashed in advance.
So, how do we make a one-person online shop with affiliated products and how to make a [...]

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Using quality in your inter and outer linking.

It is very important how much quality your website represents. That’s very important for the search engines as they try to deliver the most-important results on top and show their searchers the QOT (Quality on top).
The quality websites are always with priority against all the others no-matters the PageRank of the website, therefore we [...]

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Another product from VIB Solutions? is a free service that puts companies from Bulgaria altogether. This service actually is nothing new, as it already exists in other places, although some differences make it handy and reliable.
- You can call for free a company after finding it easily from the search box.
- You see where that company is actually located [...]

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Optimizing websites with the so called “Social networks”

The optimization of websites with social networks is a very popular and common practice. With Google changing frequently its algorithms of searching, we also need to look for other methods for approving out the indexation of our websites.
The twitter sharing is now become one of the most obligatory actions to perform after a newsy article [...]

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A new way to advertise for free?

I am amazed. This clever tactic is maybe a new way to do advertising and it seems to increase the SEO a lot.
There are a new slow-spamming Facebook fake people that manipulate the network.
How does it work?
You create a nice female account with of course not real name.
You look for some nice photos of [...]

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