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Do you want to make-calls for free?

The newest uprising web-service that is available on the network for free is called This service allows people to make free calls worldwide to land-line phones.
It seems that Google is also working on something similar and I definitely want to see their product. In meantime, if you want to call you mother or grand-mother, [...]

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Another product from VIB Solutions? is a free service that puts companies from Bulgaria altogether. This service actually is nothing new, as it already exists in other places, although some differences make it handy and reliable.
- You can call for free a company after finding it easily from the search box.
- You see where that company is actually located [...]

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New module for the VFR Builder #v2?

As mentioned before, in my other posts, the VFR Event builder #v2 was out end of summer 2009, but as it seems now the company Register-me has issued another patch for the application that adds a hotel booking functionality to the builder.
Some interesting stuff – no doubt. The famous event registration software now can support [...]

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Newsletter advertising

It’s definitely not something that every company can produce, although I would recommend at least trying it. There are some good things about the newsletters and that’s the purpose of this post, to clarify the added value of a potential newsletter as an Ad.
When creating a newsletter there are a lot of things to think [...]

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Web design templates

Using web design templates is a pretty easy and common way of fast website building, very popular for small companies and those with fewer budgets. The only part of that design that has to change is the logo, few colors and some readjustments here and there.
In internet there are a lot of websites offering templates [...]

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