There are some methods we need to follow for a good online shop optimization for Bing and Google. It’s definitely not easy to be an affiliate shop, nor a producer one, especially without any marketing investment cashed in advance.

So, how do we make a one-person online shop with affiliated products and how to make a small investment worth of time to potentially make some money out of it?

It’s not easy – that we all know and I am sure each promoter or affiliate marketer would have his own theory.

First, you would need the actual website that will offer the products. You can consult a free one (Joomla!) or a paid one (VIB Solutions), including a template design that would be easy to implement.

Before the website is ready, make sure you or your development company follows the following rules:
- Each product/category to be on a different page.
- Offer at least 20 products and at least 5 categories.
- Make intermediate pages which combine related products and most bought (even manipulated).
- Make news section and a blog. People have to see that this website is up to date.
- Use PayPal instead of any other options offered by the developed website. People seem to trust them the most as they can get their money back if there is a problem.

After the website is ready, the optimization starts with homepage, then each page’s title, descriptive text and content. The actual optimization, I will try to explain in my next article as it’s very specific.

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