VIB Solutions and its product are willing to provide an easy invoicing over the web to help you manage your business more efficiently and in a better way.

Basically, what this solution brings is a fast and reliable invoice-organizing, where your clients will receive paperless invoice that will always be online, no matter if email boxes are full or deleted, spammed or moved. The product offers a range of plans that can fulfill most organizations and structures.

Greener? Well, if there’s no usage of paper, or ink, I can only say, it’s 100% nature-friendly and none can say opposite. I suppose you know how hard is to keep in track all the invoices from previous years and especially harder when wanting to find an invoice that’s 2 years old.

We care about nature!

What’s the added value? Well,
- you save time
- you facilitate your business
- you look more professional than all the others not using it
- you make better communication with your accountant as he will take all the invoices when he/she needs it without even bothering you with this stuff.
- you can send an invoice being on a vacation as this service is up and running 24/7.

Having 1 company you’d pay € 5 a month or € 50 a year. Well, I am sure you pay more for paper and ink!

Organize yourself and stop buying all those software that is old as soon as it’s out. Easy to handle, maintained and supported service is what you need. Try it free for 30 days and if you don’t like it, just drop it!

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