The newest uprising web-service that is available on the network for free is called This service allows people to make free calls worldwide to land-line phones.

It seems that Google is also working on something similar and I definitely want to see their product. In meantime, if you want to call you mother or grand-mother, just follow this link:

You might be listening to some ads before the actual call is made, but that’s normal as the providers have to feed themselves with something as well.

There’s no installation of a program as this software is using flash, which will eventually make your browser prompt if you would like to use your microphone, where you’d need to choose yes, so that people hear you from the other side.

The company is offering an advertising possibility for companies that are interested to put voice-ads on it. It’s quite popular already, so discard my blog post if you’ve already seen it!

Do you know any other website offering the same service?

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