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Online branding – a key to fight the overwhelming economic crisis.

Any work that has been additionally done to your website, any change you do more often would help for your online corporate re-branding. Branding and labeling your products online in an expressive way with promotional efforts and improved content will definitively drive more traffic to your website.
Direct advices to keep up with the new technology:
- [...]

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Indexation real-time?

Google is building up a system, which will allow site owners to submit their content for few seconds. This will be the next big step of Google after its real-time search engine built several months ago.
It seems that Google will be using PuSH protocol or also called HTTP streaming technology, which I think would be [...]

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Applying for higher Google ranking?

Little internet investment makes the ranking increase rapidly. Based on a research made by VIB Solutions on “what’s the best way to optimize my website”, Anita Cavero (Project Manager in VIB Solutions) explained how to get the maximum page rank with a minimum investment.
“It’s all about how much time you spent on your website”, Anita [...]

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