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Web-form optimization

The best way to optimize a form is to have 3 fields: email, name and phone number. According to a research made by VIB Solutions on “what’s the best way to optimize my website”, the best would be to use as less as possible fields when optimizing your contact form or user-login form.
The research outcome [...]

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Web shop optimization - part II

In my previous article there were some specific advices of how to better present your web shop to the public. In this topic I will mainly focus on how to make the people trust you and your website?
There is a lot written about optimization of web shops and I am particularly interested in its [...]

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Search engine optimizations of web shops

There are some methods we need to follow for a good online shop optimization for Bing and Google. It’s definitely not easy to be an affiliate shop, nor a producer one, especially without any marketing investment cashed in advance.
So, how do we make a one-person online shop with affiliated products and how to make a [...]

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Do you want to make-calls for free?

The newest uprising web-service that is available on the network for free is called This service allows people to make free calls worldwide to land-line phones.
It seems that Google is also working on something similar and I definitely want to see their product. In meantime, if you want to call you mother or grand-mother, [...]

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Writing for the web

Tips and techniques people should know before writing for the web.
The content quality is almost everything you would need to respect, although web-writing talent may appear after following these procedures:
- Personal messages – direct people as much as possible
- Write useful information, not just something to fill in your pages.
- Make your visitors understand [...]

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