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Web design templates

Using web design templates is a pretty easy and common way of fast website building, very popular for small companies and those with fewer budgets. The only part of that design that has to change is the logo, few colors and some readjustments here and there.
In internet there are a lot of websites offering templates [...]

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Making calls for free?

Socializing is not only about posting some items in Facebook, Twitter, etc, but also actually speaking with somebody, talking to somebody. As we all heard about the Facebook announcements for “talking to your Facebook friends” feature that they will be implementing, I can share some interesting things that most people didn’t even hear about.
Skype was [...]

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Website development and SEO deployment

How should your website design look like and why not having the search engine optimization pre-implemented within the source-code development?
I would say there are a lot of ways you can use building up your website, but since I saw how websites are being done in VIB Solutions, I can now comment their way as being [...]

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Duplicate content and its effect to your SEO ranking

Are you copying content from other websites existing and online in Internet? Do you really think that nobody will notice that your content is being similar to the one of your direct competitors?
We encourage you to produce your content, even though you don’t know from where to start and what to write. There is a [...]

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Can images help finding more clients?

We live in a word of a digital advertising where any marketing idea is good enough to drive more surfers to your website. There are around 800 million digital cameras and camera mobile phones that are sold every year. This fact is well known to the search engines and they rank differently the 300 million [...]

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