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HTML 5 and Search Engine Optimization

HTML 5 is the new way that all we will have to follow and as we all know from before, the tags <frame>, <iframe> and <noframes> are not good, now they are mentioned as harmful by W3. That is also really bad for the SEO of the website, as it is not very google-friendly, although [...]

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How to increase my sales?

In order to generate more sales, you’d need a website and if you already have, you need to understand the importance of the tools that can be used to reach new customers and markets.
If your website is not operational as how you would want it to be, or when you get less customers as before [...]

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Isn’t it time to switch to online invoicing?

We all remember the old times when all invoices used to be written by hand, which escalated to some software products for invoicing that you still had to actually print and fax the invoice which consumes time, energy and resources.
VIB Solutions has developed an online application for easier invoicing and online business called “fakturite” from [...]

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What software would you need to organize events registrations?

By the end of the summer I would like to present to the audience software that can reduce the time spent on document fulfilling by 80%. Are you in a process of finding good software for your event registration agency? Or maybe it’s now the time to change the software and stop paying abnormal monthly [...]

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