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Viral video clips

In recent times video clips are one of the most important marketing strategies that exist on the web space. Believe it or not, most of the big companies are spending a fortune to develop just one small video clip that people will distribute amongst themselves. Sharing a video with friends is what actually the term [...]

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This summer - focus on Web 2.0

VIB Solutions will be launching a campaign to promote our customers’ web content via “Marketing 2.0″ gadgets: gaming, widgets, blogs, forums, RSS feeds, newsletters, podcasts, video clips, share-boxes and more.
Gaming features.
A lot of people are playing games during their working day and it had even become an industry to produce funny and time killing games. [...]

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Building up your website during the summer holidays? Why not?

When the Internet was in its early days, all the websites looked almost the same with very simple (and similar) technicalities. Nowadays all these websites are a dynamic amalgam of interactive tools, commerce, communication, media, texts and graphics.
Creating a hilarious website, now, during the summer will grant you with a lot of advantages:
- The web [...]

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