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What software would you need to organize events registrations?

By the end of the summer I would like to present to the audience software that can reduce the time spent on document fulfilling by 80%. Are you in a process of finding good software for your event registration agency? Or maybe it’s now the time to change the software and stop paying abnormal monthly [...]

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Are you ready to switch to a real Web Content Management System?

A web CMS is a term, representing the workflow of managing web materials real-time, that uses a database to store the html data. It allows the users to update this database via WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) tools without destroying the structure of the website.
There are some free-to-use WCMS, which provide most [...]

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Calling landlines for free!

When the first VoIP services were out there available for everybody, they were a bit exaggerated in price and quality. We experienced the so called ‘calling cards’ using the same services afterwards, but they weren’t always up and running, although a lot companies made a fortune with our patience.
Peer-to-peer calls
Looking through the future some years [...]

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This summer - focus on Web 2.0

VIB Solutions will be launching a campaign to promote our customers’ web content via “Marketing 2.0″ gadgets: gaming, widgets, blogs, forums, RSS feeds, newsletters, podcasts, video clips, share-boxes and more.
Gaming features.
A lot of people are playing games during their working day and it had even become an industry to produce funny and time killing games. [...]

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Building up your website during the summer holidays? Why not?

When the Internet was in its early days, all the websites looked almost the same with very simple (and similar) technicalities. Nowadays all these websites are a dynamic amalgam of interactive tools, commerce, communication, media, texts and graphics.
Creating a hilarious website, now, during the summer will grant you with a lot of advantages:
- The web [...]

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