Little internet investment makes the ranking increase rapidly. Based on a research made by VIB Solutions on “what’s the best way to optimize my website”, Anita Cavero (Project Manager in VIB Solutions) explained how to get the maximum page rank with a minimum investment.

“It’s all about how much time you spent on your website”, Anita says. The thing is that most companies that want to have a better page rank, should stay more in front of their websites, or pay somebody to do so.

How to make? Arm 3 journalists with PC and some website materials – from where to intervene and after some time, the result will be there.

A specific example: A former journalist Mr. Barekov was able to invest some time and money into a so called “Internet news agency” and Google blessed him with 5/10 page rank after the second month. It seems not so difficult, although there are some inter and outer linking that has to be done for better results and let’s not forget that they are making it professionally with a lot of resources.

A simpler solution hitting almost the same results would be employing part-time a contingent of 3 people that with a specific range of websites to feed from, would bring their journalistic thematic online to the public which will cause your website go higher in the Google results. After some time, when other media start linking to you – your page rank will also increase.

In case you have that € 300 - € 500 to spend on monthly basis and you prefer VIB Solutions to organize the traffic to you and your website, please contact us.

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